2018 OVIFT Food Science Spring Research Form & Poster Competition Winners

Graduate Category

First Place $3000
Emily Holman – Increased Yield and Stability of Antimicrobial Production of Paenibacillin in Paenibacillus polymyxa OSY-DF through Aminoglycoside Antibiotic Screening

Finalists (in NO particular order) $2000
Meredith Myers – Comparison of shelf stability, consumer acceptance and anthocyanin retention of blueberry extract and whole blueberry powder confections designed for a future clinical trial

Matthew Teegarden – Profiling the impact of thermal processing on black raspberry phytochemicals using untargeted metabolomics

Kathryn Williamson – Application of Magnetic Resonance for the analysis of the lipid fraction of green and roasted Coffea Arabica

Mackenzie Hammum – Investigation and development of a task-independent engagement questionnaire to be used in sensory evaluations

Geoff Dubrow – Understanding Consumer Acceptability through Flavoromics

Undergraduate Category

First Place $1500
Dan Sosh – Investigating the impact of functional pretzel snack on satiety in postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome

Finalist (in NO particular order) $1000
Anna Schmenk – Handheld Sensors: Testing the Next Generation of Quality Assurance Devices for the Soybean Industry

Morgan Whitecotton – Comparative punctate tactile sensitivity reveals human tongue is more sensitive than fingertip

Karli Van Simaeys – Evaluation of Alphabet Stimuli Using Anterior Tongue and Fingertip


Scholarship Winners

  • Dr. Grady Chism III OSU Undergraduate Scholarship $3,000 – Ayna Arora
  • John Litchfield Graduate Fellowship $3,000 – Didem Peren Aykas
  • $2,000 OVIFT scholarship to deserving Graduate Students – Makenzie Hannum, Geoff Dubrow & Meredith Myers
  • OVIFT Undergraduate Scholarship $2,000 – Morgan Whitecotton

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